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Move forward with Metro

The Platform for Professional Traders

Options Pricing & Risk Management


With a sophisticated set of skewing methods and mathematical pricing models, Metro offers a clear graphical presentation and advanced manipulation tools for volatility, skews, and prices.

Complete risk management with centralized risk to allow for optimum visibility and monitoring of team-wide and firm-wide risk.

Electronic Trade Sheets

Metro’s intuitive electronic trade sheets enable users to easily price spreads and request quotes (RFQs), view market data, write rules-based logic, and place electronic orders. The interface allows for the seamless management of data, greeks, and spreads on both OTC and listed instruments.

Collaborative Trading Platform


Share prices, trades, and risk across trading desks in multiple geographic locations through a collaborative architecture.

Trading teams can communicate through state-of-the-art trading-specific chatting tools that enable interaction with the market.

Direct Market Access

Metro offers direct access to the exchange matching engine combined with co-location for ultra low latency. Unified market access enables the quick addition of new connections.

Market Making Engine

Metro’s dynamic server-based quoting engine delivers increased efficiency with fast quote construction, low latency submission, and speed-optimized algorithms which react to market conditions. A comprehensive set of server-based safety features protect against market risks.

Target Finder

Detect, display, filter, and sort trading opportunities across different markets. Metro’s server-based engine allows users to click trade or auto-respond quickly to opportunities and create strategy missions based on set triggers.

Respond to Exchange Requests

View Request for Quotes (RFQs) sent out by market participants on the exchange and respond to RFQs, as well as view Auctions and Price Improvements initiated by market participants. Monitor exchange trades and participate in opportunities from Time and Sales data.

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