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Get on the Freeway


Comprehensive Development Environment

Freeway’s quick and iterative process – from development to back-testing and deployment – is made easy with a complete environment and a simple yet powerful development API using Java or Scala.

Integrated Data Visualization

User-defined data visualization capabilities make it easy to stay on top of dynamic market conditions. Interaction with jobs in real-time through signals combines the speed of automation with the human decision-making process.

Simulation and Playback Tools

Record and replay historical market data at different speeds and engage a full built-in exchange simulator.

Intuitive Interface


Freeway comes with an easy-to-use interface to monitor and quickly adjust variables within custom Jobs.
Integrated logging can be quickly searched and filtered from the Freeway interface.

Algo Store


The Algo Store in an online repository, that provides a collaborative environment and a marketplace for creating, purchasing, and downloading algorithms. It includes a collection of algorithms available in Freeway, including hedging, market analysis, and auto-spreading. Third-party developers have the opportunity to write and sell algorithms or components to traders around the world.

Integration and Extensibility


Freeway and Metro together deliver powerful professional trading solutions with pricing and risk management capabilities, an extensible architecture, out-of-the-box historical data, news, and social sentiment tool, as well as integration with data vendors such as R and Matlab.

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